Kiambu: Spouse brings bag stuffed with underwear to court docket to show her husband’s infidelity

The public airing of dirty laundry took a new turn last week after a woman took underwear to court to prove her husband’s infidelity.

A woman is angry about what is happening in her life. Illustrative photo: Getty Images.
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Judy Wangare insisted that the tattered lingerie, including a pair of skimpy red underwear, belonged to her husband’s adulterous lover.

However, Moses Mwangi, 55, claimed that the underwear was Judy’s and denied ever cheating on his estranged wife.

The breathtaking moment of inner clothing took place in court last Tuesday, September 14th, in a case in which Judy is seeking an injunction from her husband of fifteen.

“This underwear is hers; she wears them. I don’t even know the woman she was talking about! ”The seemingly shocked husband repeated in an interview with journalists outside the court in which he revealed that she had delivered divorce papers to him.

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For her part, Wangare claimed to have been kicked out of the marriage house in Juja in December 2020.

“This man has no respect, he has cheated on me several times with different women, I decided to stay here for the sake of my children, but I was so surprised that he was only a few days after he kicked me out of our juja house had, another woman moved in with him, who had given him the magic to leave us completely. My five children and I have trouble bringing food to the table at all while he is happy with his lover, “Judy told journalists .

With heated temperaments and a heating case, the day ended with a slight anti-climax as the magistrate postponed the matter to Tuesday, October 5th.

After the story went viral on social media, a close friend of Judy happened to see it and offered to intervene.

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She advised her to contact herbalist Wema Kamaliza to get her husband back.

She even shared the herbalist’s contact with Judy; She also touted that she had saved her own marriage, which had gone through a similar situation.

Just days after Judy contacted the herbalist, her husband Mwangi and his new catch fell out.

The situation was ugly that Mwangi kicked the killing queen out and blew up her belongings.

He has since contacted his wife Wangare to reconcile and withdraw the divorce case in court.

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Wema Kamaliza has received overwhelming recognition in several cities in East Africa for her undisputed ability to resolve relationship problems, including grasping adulterous partners.

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