Kibera man on trial for beating his ex-wife on custody

A man accused of molesting his wife has dismissed charges before Kibera’s chief judge William Tulei. Fredrick Abuto reportedly punched and injured Arafa Shamila Ibrahim on September 24 after an argument over child support.

The altercation resulted from an argument after Arafa commented to Abuto about taking one of her children to hospital.

According to court records, Arafa met her ex-husband in a garage around 10:30 a.m. on that fateful day on the way to the store. Arafa turned to him for medication for one of her children, but Abuto sought custody instead. An argument ensued that led to a bitter exchange in which Arafa challenged Abuto to care for her children as he does for his wife.

Following this comment, Abuto hit Arafa in the face and mouth, causing injuries. She sought treatment at a nearby clinic before reporting the matter to the nearest police station.

Abuto was given a Sh 20,000 cash deposit on January 10, 2022 pending the hearing.

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