‘Killer’ suspect says the shrine revealed his spouse’s infidelity

The man who allegedly killed his wife and secretly dumped her body in a morgue has revealed that the allegation of infidelity against her was a revelation from a shrine.

The 38-year-old fisherman Gali Golo made this known in his statement to the police after he was arrested.

He stated that he and his wife, Beatrice Logosu, were doing a Beninois worship at the Alafi Shrine in the Aflao region. About a week ago (last Thursday, March 25, 2021) the woman fell sick. Among other things, she had a severe headache and was taken to the shrine to be healed.

At the shrine, the priest revealed that the woman’s illness was a punishment by her deity for betraying the husband.

This information, Golo said, was the basis of the misunderstanding between him and the woman. He had asked the woman to leave her home in Akame since the unveiling from the shrine, but the woman refused.

The altercation lasted until Saturday, March 27, 2021, when it degenerated and attracted its neighbors. The woman still refused to leave and instead drank some laundry detergent, which resulted in her death later that evening.

He said he did not send the woman to the hospital after she drank the detergent because the shrine had already revealed that she was being punished for her infidelity.

Regardless of the suspect’s story, Denu District Police Command revealed that the preliminary examination of the deceased’s body showed bruises and various signs of violence, including what appeared to be a broken jaw and neck.

District commander ASP Joseph Nakoja spoke to Daily Guide according to information gathered so far, saying Gali Golo threatened neighbors, including a close friend of the woman, with death when they intervened.

Although the argument eventually settled, they woke up the following morning, Sunday March 28, 2021, to hear that the lady had died and that the body had been deposited in the morgue of the Hosanna Clinic in Agbozume.

The police were alerted and they took over the body and arrested the suspect as well. He has since been tried in the Aflao Magistrate Court, which remitted him to reappear on April 14, 2020.

The commandant said that since the deceased is a foreigner, they still need to get in touch with their close relatives. So far, the only picture they’ve secured of her is a voter’s ID. ASP Nakoja therefore asks the public to immediately assist the police with any information they may have about the deceased or their family.

– Daily guide

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