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Juan de Dios Pantoja “supports” the infidelity of Eduin Caz | Instagram

Something that undoubtedly surprised fans of Eduin caz Singer of Group of companies It is his video confirming his infidelity, which Juan de Dios Pantoja, husband of Kimberly Loaiza, allegedly supports.

Apparently the term others would surely use for the post you shared Juan de Dios Pantoja the famous influencer, is more of a mockery of the interpreter of “Ya Supérame”.

This is because he shared a meme alluding to the situation the lead singer of the famous group had been going through for a few days.

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In the picture he shared through his Instagram stories, a woman appears who, according to Mexican culture, could be considered a healer, who gives some herbs to another person through the body.

Eduin Caz meme photo | Instagram juandediospantoja

Said subject stands while some herbs touch his skin. Oddly enough, the singer’s face is of the famous Norteño group, it is obvious that it is an edition since his face is the one that can be seen in his sleep video.

Far from being upset with Eduin, he seems to have been very amused that he himself shared the publication. He even asked his fans to share some memes that arose from this famous scandal.

There is also some text on the picture that says that everything they say about him is slipping, this should be remembered JD Pantoja A year ago he experienced a similar situation.

It was Lizbeth Rodríguez who claimed that JD was unfaithful to Kimberly Loaiza, but with her own photographer Kevin Achutegui that situation was immediately resolved and the couple are happily married with two children.

Perhaps this type of situation is perfectly normal, especially when it comes to celebrities of the stature of the two leading figures of this note.

What about Eduin Caz. happens?

Apparently the situation of the interpreter of “Thank you” had already been clarified with his wife, in fact he mentioned in a video he shared that she already knew what had happened because the young woman who leaked the video wanted money for it Silence.

This one weekend problem immediately went viral, unleashing memes and all kinds of conflicts between internet users claiming that they no longer believed in love for this famous one infidelity.

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