Kwaku Manu beats up Nkonkonsa for claiming that his divorce was attributable to infidelity

play videoKwaku Manu beat up Nkonkonsa on social media for posting false stories about him

• Nkonkonsa claims that Kwaku Manu cheated on his wife with several women

• Kwaku Manu has shot down reports that his divorce was due to infidelity on his part

• Kwaku Manu confirmed divorce reports on September 23, 2021

Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu has attacked popular blogger Nkonkonsa for claiming that his failed marriage was due to his infidelity.

It is worth remembering that, although no reasons were given for the divorce of Kwaku Manu and his US-based wife, it was reported on September 23, 2021 that the two went their separate ways.

As of the development, several news websites including have given different versions of the story that the actor appears to be dissatisfied with.

In the case of Nkonkonsa, he alleged that Kwaku Manu constantly cheated on his wife, a reason which, in his opinion, led to the actor’s divorce.

“Actor Kwaku Manu shockingly confessed that he had intimate relationships with other women many times despite being legally married,” he said in a letter while covering the news on his social media platform.

Nkokonsa’s claims have since exposed the Kumawood actor to numerous backlash on social media from dozens of individuals.

But Kwaku Manu, apparently fed up with the insults under Nkonkonsa’s post, has labeled the blogger’s fraudulent claims false.

Despite admitting the blogger actually called to confirm the divorce, the actor denied ever talking about any issues that led to it.
“Nkonkonsa with all due respect. You make it obvious when you really hate someone. Hear what I’m about to tell you. I know you work with Peace FM. I haven’t given you any details about my divorce. When you called me I didn’t tell you anything. When did I tell you that I cheated on my wife and that every man is cheating? Listen carefully. You are married with one child, but if you keep doing this you will never be successful in life. If you choose to keep telling lies, you will suffer. I challenge you to bring audio or evidence that I disclosed details of my divorce to you, ”he said in a 4-minute video on his Instagram.

“I remember that when the problem with Funny Face and Vanessa happened, you turned to me out of respect and I didn’t refuse. They ridiculed me on Akwasi Aboagyes Show. He said all sorts of things about me when he invited Funny Face’s sister to call me disrespectful in his studio, ”he added.

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