Lack of Compliments Fundamental Cause for Feminine Infidelity: Ballot, Life-style Information

The lack of compliments and kind acts on the part of their spouses is the main reason women become unfaithful, according to a study.

The survey was carried out by the dating app Gleeden among over 11,000 users. According to their responses, 84 percent of women complain that their partners do not pay enough attention and compliments, while 61 percent admit that lack of compliments causes discussion and tension within the couple. In addition, 77 percent of respondents said that this behavior is the main reason they deviate from their married life.

The survey added that 82 percent of respondents said they need to feel valued and valued in their relationship, which forces them to look elsewhere. For 76 percent, the lack of compliments undermines their ability to feel desirable and seductive. After all, 42 percent have a hard time feeling sexually attracted and aroused when someone doesn’t feel that way and forcing them to seek love outside of the relationship.

The Journal of Sex Marital Therapy supports these revelations that an inattentive partner can wreak havoc on a woman’s interest in the relationship. It is said that women who regularly receive compliments from their fiancé, husband, or boyfriend about how they look are more sexually fulfilling than others.

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