Lacking Lengthy Island mom stabbed 20 occasions after alleged infidelity by husband: Police

Long Island husband arrested for alleged murder of wife

The husband of a woman missing on Long Island has now been charged with murder.

Suffolk County police say Marcello Molinari, 43, was arrested and charged with murder for stabbing his wife Melissa in the back and torso twenty times and then wrapping her body in trash bags, duct tape, towels, and saran wrap, all before leaving her body in the Rocky Point Pine Barrens in Middle Island.

Marcello Molinari left Suffolk County Police Department sixth station on Friday without comment after pleading not guilty of the crime.

Melissa Molinari, a 38-year-old mother of four, was reported missing on December 2 but has not been seen since November 21. Police believe she was killed just days later.

“We work on the theory that the house is the crime scene, her car was supposed to transport her, and she was housed at Pine Barrens,” said Det. Lt. Kevin Beyrer, Homicide Commanding Officer, Suffolk County Police Department.

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During their investigation, police found blood all over the basement of the couple’s home in Centereach and in the van that prosecutors claimed Marcello had transported Melissa.

“He claims she left the house after an argument. He claims she came back on November 23 to pack her clothes and left with a man in an unknown vehicle,” said Det. Said Lt. Beyrer.

However, the results of the investigation showed that the GPS data from Marcello’s phone showed he was in Pine Barrens Rocky Point Park, where Melissa’s body was found just days after her last visit.

The family cut off a trip to Disney shortly after Marcello learned they were having an affair. According to prosecutors, browsing history has revealed searches for duct tape and ropes, as well as in non-extradition countries. It is also alleged that Marcello had cosmetic surgery on his ears and face and joined a dating website.

“This is a tragic case,” said Beyrer. “All the lives that were destroyed in the process – it’s just a terrible story.”

The search for Melissa caught the attention of Gabby Petito’s father Joseph, who swore to help other families find loved ones after his daughter was murdered. A family court case will determine who will have custody of Melissa’s children.

Marcello’s lawyer Christopher Gioe says his client, who works in IT, has never been arrested before.

“He protests his innocence,” said Gioe.

Molinari faces life imprisonment if convicted. The judge challenged him and he will have to appear in court again on December 15.

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