Lady finds misplaced and injured canine in Clarksville with the assistance of a pleasant couple, a drone and a GPS monitoring collar

CLARKSVILLE, TN (NOW CLARKSVILLE) – Celine Cantuniar moved her German Shepherd, Kylo, ​​to the Clarksville area from Oklahoma on May 2nd.

Cantuniar’s father was in town to help her settle in, and on May 5, the father and daughter took Kylo to a vet for registration. When they got home just after 4 p.m., Kylo jumped out of the car and drove off.

For the next three hours, Cantuniar was assisted by a whole team of her new neighbors, and with the help of a lovely couple, their drone and Kylo’s GPS tracking collar, Kylo would eventually be found.
Kylo the German Shepherd Dog (courtesy of Celine Cantuniar).

Kylo is hit

As Kylo jumped out of the car, he sprinted across the neighbors’ front yard and reached Tiny Town Road.

“I chased after him, sort of thinking he was going to stop right in front of the road so I wasn’t worried about that,” Cantuniar said. “I jogged after him and called his name, but he didn’t come to me and just kept running.”

Her father ran after Kylo too.

“(Kylo) stopped right on the road and it was rush hour so there were lots of cars passing by in Tiny Town. All I remember after that is my father screaming, and he was in front of me at that point. He was trying to get Kylo to come to him because Kylo was slowly starting to take to the street and he got out on the street and then all these cars started honking and braking and dodging, ”Cantuniar said.

Then Kylo was hit by a car.

“I don’t remember what happened, I kind of passed out,” Cantuniar told Clarksville Now. She fell to the ground screaming.

Cars stopped for her and someone helped her onto the grass along Tiny Town Road. Then she looked up and Kylo and her father were both gone. Two other women who had stopped to help saw Kylo running up a hill after being hit and drove Cantuniar to a church on the hill.

“Before I knew it, seven or eight people were looking for my dog,” said Cantuniar. “I don’t know how you knew that or who you were, but you asked what he looked like.”

Chance encounter

Cantuniar recalled she had just bought a GPS tracking collar for Kylo. She opened the app and saw that he had walked about a mile north towards Kentucky.

One of the people who stopped took her back to Cantuniar’s house and they took their car to find Kylo. When they got to where Kylo was according to the tracking collar, they found a huge field that bordered the Kentucky state line.

While Cantuniar was calling Kylo, ​​her father met Joshua Spencer and Kayla Connor, who had been playing with remote-controlled cars. Cantuniar caught up with her.

“She was running hysterically like crying and sobbing, we couldn’t even understand her,” Spencer said.

The couple joined in the search, but the grass on the 3-mile-long field was 1.5 meters high in some areas. After about 20 minutes, Spencer had an idea. He decided to run home and grab his drone.

“I was able to use the app she had on her collar, plug it into my GPS system on the drone, and pretty much locate where he was,” said Spencer.

Using the drone, they located Kylo a mile and a half into the field. But when they got closer, Kylo started running again.

“We couldn’t catch it because you couldn’t walk in this grass. It was so thick and my pants were all torn, ”Cantuniar said. “We were like swimming through this wheat field.”

Kylo ran about half a mile and then got stuck.
Kylo the German Shepherd, bandaged and healed after the ordeal (Courtesy Fi Collars).

Kylo. to free

In order not to scare Kylo again, Spencer told Cantuniar that Kylo was under the drone.

“There was a dry stream almost like a ditch with broken branches and thorn bushes. Kylo was stuck, falling in a hole and tangled in thorns, ”Cantuniar said.

Kylo couldn’t get out, so Cantuniar dived into the thorn bush to grab her dog by the collar. But then she fell about three feet into the muddy gorge and couldn’t get out with her dog.

Cantuniar’s father also tried to free them both, but then he fell in.

“(Spencer) dropped the drone and he had to pull us both out (of the hole),” Cantuniar said, and Spencer added that it was “quite a job” to get Kylo, ​​Cantuniar and their father out.

Spencer said they might never have found Kylo if it wasn’t for the GPS tracking collar.

“The accuracy of this collar is pretty amazing, and the fact that I was able to pair it with the drone went hand in hand. Without that we couldn’t have found him, ”said Spencer.

The whole ordeal lasted about three hours, from Cantuniar and her father when they found the couple, until they could get Kylo out.

“People everywhere tried to help me and the fact that I had never met this couple before, but they walked us through the middle of a wheat field for two hours and she was pregnant. It was just amazing, ”said Cantuniar. “It was my third day in Clarksville and of course it was a very traumatic experience, but I couldn’t believe the friendliness that was there. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. ”

Kylo had bruises internally from the car and some scratches, but he is expected to make a full recovery. Cantuniar said she kept in touch with Spencer and Connor.

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