Laura Lentz offers a primary glimpse into the life behind the headlines of Infidelity and the Hillsong Hearth


It is often too easy to lightly and even cynically reject reports of the moral failure and infidelity of a pastor in a mega-church when one thinks someone else is biting the dust. But this callous and decidedly ungodly approach to the overthrow of a pastor forgets that most of the time there is a family and several broken hearts behind those tabloid headlines.

Back in November, Carl Lentz, the senior pastor of the Hillsong Church in New York since it was founded in 2010, known as the preacher who baptized Justin Bieber, was fired from his post after admitting to an extramarital affair.

Whatever good Carl Lentz had done in his life up to this point suddenly disappeared into the shadows that he only remembered from God and perhaps from the people whom his ministry had helped personally. With him in those shadows were his wife and three children, who had to grapple with the pain of his very public fall from grace.

In an Instagram post, Lentz’s wife Laura makes her first public statement about what happened and opens a window into the past few months for her.

She talks about the added pain other “Christians” have inflicted when their wounded family clearly needed mercy. But she also refers to “the goodness of God, his grace, forgiveness and strength” to support her in this difficult time. Here is her full post:

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“I’ve looked at these palm trees every day for the past few months and these amazing trees have many symbolic meanings. Some have impressed me at this time of year of my life: They are strong, can withstand the greatest storms, they always grow upwards. Freedom, justice , Reward, Resurrection, to name a few … I took time out on social media because it wasn’t good for my soul, I blocked and deleted more people and comments than I can count Trolls are cowards, SOME ‘Christians’ are anything but kind, gracious, or loving … but that doesn’t stop me from growing up and becoming stronger.

I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past few months. Now more than ever I know the goodness of God, His grace, forgiveness and strength. I’ve made true friendships – those who have been with me on the mountain tops are the same who are with me in my darkest valley !! I will not forget who left us, but I choose to keep my heart free from bitterness and remain grateful for those who stayed and loved us. I don’t want to judge or be judged … One thing a friend told me at the time is, “I’d rather be accused of being too gracious to someone because I am being accused of judging someone too harshly.” “… I want to be known as a woman who sees the good in people and who really loves people unconditionally … # you can only change #lovewins #growupwards”

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