Life Classes Everybody Wants About Love, Infidelity, and Life from Indori Ishq on MX Participant

All love stories teach a lesson. The classic ones teach a harder lesson. However, this love story will tell you things that you should never do. Well, mostly.

We are talking about the MX Player series about young love, attachment problems and realities of life – Indori Ishq.

A story about high school love that leads to disaster after the girl cheats on the guy. This show is not your average love story. Kunal and Tara, the main characters on this show, are about to teach you some serious life lessons in this 9-part series.

Needless to say, we wrote down some life lessons that every Millennial should take note of.

List our top 5. The series is now streamed for FREE on MX Player and you can watch the trailer here.

1. High school love may not be your only love

In simple terms, the main gist of this series is that IRL, people, grow out of their high school love stories. Sometimes they move on and that is the harsh reality of life.

MX player
MX player

2. Infidelity has no gender

Usually men are severely reprimanded by society for being unfaithful to their partners, but it is not always them who are cheating in a relationship. Stereotypes like this have to be broken.

3. Everyone changes at some point

Tara transforms into a different person over the course of the series and Kunal plunges into a world of pain and misery. Unrequited, one-sided love does this to you. All of this simply proves that change is the only constant in life and we should embrace it over time.

MX player
MX player

4. Your friends will always be there for you

Friends are more than just a shoulder to cry on. They will challenge you to get better and will always be there for you no matter where you go.

Kunal’s friend helped him get through difficult times by giving him a reality check over and over again. Every friend should do that, right?

5. You have to learn to move on

The burning insecurity, the growing madness, the obsession and the grief, the borders just disappear! Kunal’s journey through an innocent romance turns into obsessive love that can be an intense emotional roller coaster ride. In life, you have to learn to move forward no matter how difficult things get. Sometimes that’s the only way.

How many of these lessons have you already learned?

Do you think Kunal will get over Tara or will he get into trouble towards the end? Curious? Watch the first episode and find out now!

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