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It’s officially the holiday season !! So here comes all the gatherings, gifts, and cheers. Most parenting plans have vacation visits replacing the regular visiting plan

It’s officially the holiday season !! So this is where all the gatherings, gifts, and cheers come. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when divided families struggle over where to spend their children on vacation and school holidays.
You should plan ahead for the holidays, and divorced parents with minor children should do the following:

1. Review the court orders on vacation visits at least a few weeks in advance.
2. Discuss with the other parent your understanding of the court orders / schedule.
3. In the event of a legitimate disagreement, mediation or judicial involvement may be required. Don’t wait until the last minute! Allow enough time to take part in mediation or to file applications in court.

Do you have conflicting orders?

Most parenting plans provide that vacation visits replace the regular visiting plan. For example, Christmas falls on a Sunday this year. Parent A is expected to have their alternative weekend visit starting Friday, December 23rd. However, the parental plan stipulates that parent B has parental leave on Christmas weekend in odd years. The parental leave of parent B replaces the alternative weekend time for parent A.

What if there is no court order regarding the holidays?

Some parenting plans don’t specify how holidays should be handled. In this case, put the children’s interests first. Both parents should respect the children’s religious practices and children’s schedules / activities (especially for older children).

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