Lizzie Cundy calls Coleen Rooney courageous for speaking about Wayne’s “infidelity”

Lizzie Cundy shared her point of view after the trailer for the documentary by soccer ace Wayne Rooney was discontinued.

The TV personality often interferes in the life of the WAGs after living as one herself during her marriage to Jason Cundy from 1994 to 2012.

Given her unique perspective of being married to a sports star and rubbing against the wives of other soccer players, Lizzie shared her opinion after the shared footage – from the fact sheet called Rooney – revealed that Coleen admitted to defeating Wayne for his cheating forgive.

Lizzie performed in Lorraine on Wednesday and told host Lorraine Kelly that she believes Coleen – who shares four children with Wayne – is “in love with Wayne” and “wants to keep the family together.”

When asked by Lorraine why Coleen shared her decision to overlook Wayne’s numerous scandals, Lizzie said, “Well, actually Coleen wants to speak out because she is in love with Wayne and yes, it’s unacceptable how he behaves sometimes Has.

“She loves her family and wants to keep the family together.”

Regarding the Liverpudlian couple’s longstanding collaboration, she added: “They have been together since they were 17 and have been through so much on and off the pitch about the events and infidelity.”

Lizzie Cundy says Coleen Rooney is “brave” to comment on husband Wayne’s scandals



Adding how Wayne struggled with the headlines that followed him, she continued, “It’s hard for Wayne not to turn back the clock, I’m sure he will.”

After Lorraine asked if the documentary – made by Amazon Prime – could put an end to everything, Lizzie said, “I think she felt like she had to come out and say something in this document, it’s very brave of her . “

Coleen has stood by husband Wayne’s in all of his public cheating and drinking scandals over the years.

The proud mother will address her husband’s infidelity and share how “unacceptable” was during the documentary about the life of the soccer ace on and off the pitch.

In the trailer, Coleen says, “I knew groups hanging around with Wayne – along with alcohol – wasn’t good. I forgive him, but it wasn’t acceptable.”

The TV personality shared her point of view on Lorraine on Wednesday



Clips in the trailer show the video of the couple’s wedding day and of them at home with their children.

Coleen stayed at Wayne through thick and thin, overlooking his numerous indiscretions and infidelities in order to stand by his side.

Rooney, who has known Coleen since they met in high school at age 12, began visiting prostitutes at age 16.

He paid £ 140 to sleep with Charlotte Glover, then 21, and left her with an autograph as a keepsake.

A month later he had sex with Gina McCarrick, then 37, in a £ 45 a time brothel in Liverpool, which he visited 10 times and where he was caught by CCTV. There he also had sex with a 48-year-old grandmother named “Auld Slapper” who was wearing a rubber catsuit.

Wayne Rooney’s life on and off the pitch is highlighted in a new documentary


coleen_rooney / Instagram)

The scandal became known in July 2004 and shook Coleen, who had remained true to her childhood love.

In her autobiography, she revealed that she had forgiven him for sleeping with the prostitutes before their relationship got serious.

“The truth is, and I’ve never said that, I’d never slept with Wayne at this point in our relationship,” she said.

“I was only 16 and we didn’t have a relationship like that at the time. We used to meet at Chippy or at the cinema.”

Wayne later apologized and said, “As stupid as it seems now, I’ve occasionally visited massage parlors and prostitutes. I now deeply regret it and hope people understand that it was the kind of mistake you make when you are young and stupid. It was at a time when I was very young and immature. “

Coleen talks about Wayne’s scam in the trailer for the Amazon Prime documentary



Coleen managed to overlook Wayne’s history with sex workers – despite the national outcry – and married him in 2008.

But in September 2010, the Sunday Mirror exclusively revealed that Wayne had spent family money on secret hotel meetings with Jenny Thompson while Coleen was pregnant with their first son Kai in 2009.

He had seven different dates with Jennifer, who later starred in Ex On The Beach and took her out on dates in public places.

Their last meeting was in October 2009, a month before Coleen was born.

In 2017, Jenny claimed that Rooney wasn’t up to much in the bedroom.

“I mean, he was fine, nothing special. Pretty average, ”she said of his love skills.

After Wayne was found to have cheated, Coleen and Kai moved out of the family home and stayed with their parents.

But when Wayne returned from the World Cup campaign, the two reconciled after Wayne promised there were no more skeletons in his closet.

Coleen stood by Wayne despite numerous scandals



Shortly after it was revealed that Wayne had played the pretty woman Jennifer Thompson, it was discovered that he had a threesome with Jenny and another prostitute, Helen Wood.

Both escorts apologized to Coleen through the press and their parents spoke of their disappointment with their daughters’ career choice.

Helen told the Sunday Mirror that Wayne regretted the threesome as soon as it was over.

“Why the hell did I do this?” he allegedly asked Helen and Jenny while he was sitting on the hotel bed in his bathrobe.

The couple met as teenagers



“He said, ‘I feel really crappy – I beg you not to say anything. It’ll ruin my marriage if it gets out. Having a child means everything to me,'” Helen said, he said.

In the early hours of September 1, 2017, Rooney was arrested and charged with drunk driving after being stopped by officers after one night.

He was driving the party girl Laura Simpson’s VW Beetle through Wilmslow, Cheshire, when he was stopped by police and taken to a station for interrogation.

Coleen, who was pregnant with her and Wayne’s fourth child, Cass, was on vacation in Mallorca at the time of the arrest and called Laura and asked her to tell the truth about her night with Rooney.

“She asked me to tell her what happened,” Laura told the Sun On Sunday.

“She seemed unhappy with the fact that we’d left a nightclub together in a taxi to go to my car.”

Laura added that she apologized to Coleen but insisted that nothing had happened between the two.

Coleen flew home to the couple’s multi-million pound Cheshire home for an angry showdown with her husband and allegedly yelled at him, “How could you do this to me while I’m pregnant? How could you be so stupid? “

The WAG later forgave Wayne in an emotional public statement, admitting that they were about to end their relationship.

They rebuilt their marriage with child-free movie dates, and Coleen even agreed to move the family to the States so Wayne – who was found guilty of drunk driving and banned from the streets for two years – could play for DC United in Washington.

On the Super Bowl weekend in February 2019, Wayne was spotted partying late into the night with the pretty barmaid Vicki Rosiek in Florida’s Clearwater Beach while Coleen was at home with her kids.

Wayne and Coleen are the proud parents of four sons


Internet unknown)

Wayne started drinking at 4:20 p.m. and still left at 2:30 a.m. to throw shots with Vicki after taking her to another bar.

In August 2019, Wayne was pictured in a Vancouver hotel lobby following a mysterious brunette into the elevator.

The pictures sparked further speculation about the status of his marriage to Coleen, especially since there were reports that he had been drinking with his teammates for seven hours the night before.

Coleen was with her parents in the UK while Wayne partied the night with his Washington DC team and finally walked a few steps behind the woman through the hotel at 5:36 a.m.

Coleen was spotted hours after the story was revealed, who looked angry when she made a call, and reportedly insisted he fly straight home to explain.

* Rooney will debut on Amazon Prime in early 2022

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