Loud night breathing is a serious explanation for infidelity, in accordance with a survey by Gleeden

CHENNAI: Snoring is a major cause of infidelity, according to a survey conducted by Gleeden, an extramarital dating site for women.
Snoring is now linked to affecting relationships and reducing sexual desire in couples.
In the survey, women mentioned that snoring is the leading cause of infidelity. About 44.5% of women surveyed said they tended to be irritable due to lack of sleep, and this is what keeps them from putting effort into their relationship. 38% say snoring is the main cause of their arguments with their partners, and 36.24% said it has a direct impact on their relationship and reduces their cravings for their partner.
37% admit having fantasized about other men when asked about their relationship status during lockdown. 32% say they actually think of someone who is another man when they masturbate, and 28% say they think about the other man when they have sex with their men.

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