Love Is Blind’s Danielle Ruhl revealed why she’s divorcing Nick and tackled infidelity rumors

Former Love is Blind couple Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson went from posting sweet pictures together on social media to announcing their divorce within a month – leaving fans of the show with a slew of questions.

However, Ruhl put all the rumors to rest and took to social media over the weekend to explain the end of their picture-perfect marriage.

“I know a lot of people are wondering why we ended our relationship,” Ruhl said in one of her Instagram stories. “It really just came down to personality compatibility differences.”

The couple were married for a year before filing for divorce this summer. The news first broke in late August, and this is the first time Ruhl has spoken openly about it.

“People think, ‘Oh, did someone cheat? Did this or that happen?’ No,” Ruhl continued.

“I think that makes it even harder, because you live in that kind of — at least for me — I live in that state of denial where, yes, but we love each other, but … you can still love each other and try.” Your best to carry on.”

Ruhl shared that things were “very amicable and civilized at first” between the former couple, but the divorce process is now taking its toll.

She gave more details and said she reached out to Thompson about being bullied online and being talked about in a “crazy” light on social media. But sadly for her, “he didn’t actually answer.”

“It really pissed me off,” she explained during one of her vlogs. “And again, it’s not his fault. I shouldn’t care. This isn’t an I hate Nick thing. Again, I’ll take care of him. I’m just trying to explain why things went wrong.”

She ended her statement by reiterating that their decision to split was mutual.

“That was something we talked about,” Ruhl said, adding, “It wasn’t a spontaneous thing, even if it looks like it. We really made an effort.”

About a week earlier, Thompson had also released a statement on the divorce.

“The last few weeks have been a special challenge for me. Like many of us going through a loss or life-changing event, we experience cycles of grief as we navigate our emotions,” he said in an Instagram post.

The couple were part of the second season of the hit Netflix dating show. It followed six couples who “got engaged” without ever actually seeing each other physically.

Ruhl and Thompson were one of two couples who exchanged vows and even got a dog together by the season finale. But the season’s only other couple – Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones – are now also divorcing.

It was later reported that two other couples got engaged on the show, but there was no budget to accommodate their dating adventures.

Since the success rate of the experiment is so low, the question arises: is love really blind?

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