Lucas Pentedo’s fiancée denies infidelity and explodes: “You’re sick”

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Lucas Pentedo’s fiancée speaks out and denies infidelity

BBB ex-fiancée Lucas Penteado Julia Franani spoke about controversy over alleged infidelity.
In the early hours of Saturday morning (2), through social networks.

On Instagram Stories, Julia denied the alleged infidelity after Lucas Pentedo did a live show and accused his fiancée of infidelity. “For those who really care, everything is resolved. I’m already at home, in São Paulo, and everything is fine. Lucas is fine too and he’s at home. At the moment I can’t talk about the topic and I don’t see any need (…) And to be clear: there was no betrayal, ok ?! “Internet judge,” said Julia.

The former BBB fiancé also commented on the attacks she received after the matter went viral on the internet. “I need to rest and straighten my head so I can deal with these cyber crooks. You’re sick, get treatment, “added Julia, who announced that she would be back on social media soon to chat with followers.

On Friday afternoon (1), writer Alessandro Lo Bianco revealed that Lucas Pentedo actually had to be hospitalized and fetched from an ambulance in a residential complex
After an “outbreak”, after returning after an event.

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