Mackenzie McKee is clear about custody

Mackenzie Mckee recently took to Instagram Live to share updates from her life with her fans, and the news she shared about her co-parenting relationship has Teen Mom fans worried. Mackenzie, who is currently appearing on Teen Mom Family Reunion, revealed that Josh McKee often goes out of touch and doesn't interact with their two younger children. However, he does interact with his eldest son.

Mackenzie McKee says Josh McKee only speaks to his oldest son

During a recent Instagram Live event, Mackenzie McKee updated fans on her current co-parenting relationship. Mackenzie revealed that there is almost nothing to report as she and Josh have limited interactions. She admitted that her ex-husband was often unavailable and only really spoke to his eldest son Gannon. Gannon's birth was featured in Mackenzie's episode “16 and Pregnant”. Gannon McKee was born in 2011.


While Mackenzie and…

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