Madhya Pradesh: If infidelity is suspected, a quack physician sews the girl’s genital space; booked | Bhopal information

BHOPAL: A 64-year-old quack allegedly sewed his wife’s private part in the Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh on suspicion of infidelity.
Police said the matter emerged after his wife, 55, turned to a police officer with her complaint.
Another police chief from Anil Sonkar told TOI that the woman was immediately referred to a government facility where doctors removed the stitches.
“He had used local thread and a needle. She sustained minor injuries. We confiscated the needle and thread, ”said the officer.
The defendant was booked under different sections, including mental and physical harassment.
Meanwhile, his wife has asked the police for indulgence.
“She does not want harsh measures against him,” said one police officer, adding that efforts were being made to arrest him.
The couple also have four children and grandchildren.

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