MAFS AU: Melissa Rawson tearfully over the bridal mates’ proof of husband Bryce Ruthven’s infidelity

Since returning to the real world, Samantha ran into a friend of Bryce’s named Jason, who told her that Bryce had written to another girl in Canberra who was waiting for him outside.

Melissa met Jason and Bryce’s other friends during a visit to Canberra the week before, where she confronted them with rumors about Bryce’s secret girlfriend but got no specific response.

She had just told the group that she took Bryce’s repeated endorsement “at face value” and believed him when he said he was honest with her.

Samantha, missing out on many of the group arguments that erupted from the outside world about Bryce’s rejection of a relationship, then broke into her information.

“Liss, I don’t know if you know of a girl in Canberra that Bryce spoke to and texted, but he notified her quite a lot,” Samantha said.

“He tried to take time off to see her and he said he had to do this show for his fame and career on the radio,” she continued while the rest of the women watched in shock.

“She’s still waiting for him to come off the show. It was only a week and a half ago and I heard this from one of Bryce’s very good friends, Jason.”

“He had all the news and everything. I even know her name,” she said.

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