Malia shares how she found Ex Tom’s infidelity

Below Mediterranean’s Malia White shares the sordid details of how she discovered her ex-boyfriend Tom Checkett’s infidelity problem.

Malia White shares the juicy details on how she discovered her ex-boyfriend. Mediterranean Sea below deck Chef Tom Checkett’s infidelity problem. Malia was cast as the villain thanks to her role in the firing of Hannah Ferrier, but she is ready to speak out about their tough breakup.

When Malia was introduced to viewers at the beginning of season two, she was a green deckhand, but now she’s a seasoned boatswain with years of experience. Fans watched as then chef Adam fell madly in love with her, but became far too presumptuous. Wes, the boatswain, had feelings for her too, and it became a three-way boatman. Malia returned for Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean, bringing her boyfriend Tom with her. The British cook was extremely fussy and gave him the baby most of the time. But after seeing each other again, the couple gave up.

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As Below Deck Mediterranean fans may know, Tom cheated on Malia. When the boatswain found out about the scandal, she told Us weekly that “all hell broke loose”. The love birds split over a year ago, but Bravo viewers are only just beginning to experience the true nature of their split. The 31-year-old shared that the incident happened while they were working on different boats at the time of the pandemic. Tom and Malia were not allowed to see each other and Tom finally found someone on his boat who kept his bed warm at night. But Malia didn’t find out until a few months later.

Malia White Tom Checketts below deck

Apparently the Bravo star found out about it through a mutual friend. Tom and Malia have since discussed the problem with the boatswain and said the cook is now very sorry. Bravo fans already saw Tom text her last season, but Malia has no desire to rekindle those burned out flames and says he’s not for her. She learned a valuable lesson from the failed relationship: to keep love and work completely separate.

Currently Malia leads the deck crew in an immaculate Mediterranean Sea below deck Season so far. She has a great crew consisting of Mzi Dempers, David Pascoe and Lloyd Spencer. The team works hand in hand to have a great charter season. Of course, love can be in the air when David Malia recently asked for her thoughts on a possible connection. While David is a great catch, chances are Malia is holding herself back, even if it is for her own sanity.

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Source: Us Weekly

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