Man chops off lady’s arms for allegations of infidelity

What began as a simple disagreement about an alleged extramarital affair became fatal after a man beat his wife to death in the village of Kakola, Nyando.

Evaline Akoth, a mother of someone who bled to death when she was taken to the hospital after her husband slit her arm after the argument.

Her neighbors are still struggling to come to terms with the heinous act taken hours after the deceased allegedly confronted a woman she suspected was having an affair with her husband.

Jacob Ong’udi, the area’s deputy chief, told The Standard that her attempts to save the woman were unsuccessful as she was bleeding profusely after the attack.

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He noted that the family had recently moved to his village after being evicted from a nearby village due to flooding.

“The husband confronted her after she had an argument with a woman who accused her of having an affair with her husband,” Ong’udi said.

A fight ensued after the disagreement, and the husband removed a machete and hit his arm.

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According to the administrator, screams from the apartment attracted neighbors who gave the woman first aid and took her to the hospital.

“She was bleeding profusely and died on the way to the hospital,” he said.

Moments after her death, police arrested the suspect and held him at the Ahero Police Station.

“It’s really unhappy. The woman left a seven-month-old child, ”said the deputy boss.

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