Man drowns within the Black Warrior River

GREENE Co., Ala. (WBRC) – Greene County’s EMS Director Zac Bolding confirmed that a man drowned in the Black Warrior River on Sunday.

Tuscaloosa firefighters and Greene County rescue workers said the man’s body was recovered from the water near Al Selden Dam on Lock 7 Road in Eutaw.

Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue Battalion chief Tim Shanahan said the man’s body was recovered by members of the Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue-Regional Dive Team in an area of ​​water about 12 meters wide and approximately 6 feet deep.

Bolding said initial reports indicate that the man was trying to cross the water in the same area with a small group of people at the time of the incident.

Several Greene County agencies searched for the victim, who went underwater and did not reappear. The man’s identity was not immediately disclosed.

Greene County’s EMS director confirmed that Greene County’s emergency services were dispatched from Greene County’s E-911 to a “possibly drowning person” at 2:10 pm on September 5.

A member of the Greene County Ambulance Service identified a search grid, stepped into the water of the swamp, and immediately began looking for the missing person.

According to the officials, there were a total of three people at the time of the incident.

One person went under and never reappeared. However, the other two people made it across the Slough, but one of those two people needed a flotation device and rescue assistance from an EMS crew member. Both are fine.

In conjunction with Greene County’s E-911, Greene County’s EMS requested an air medical unit, a specialized water rescue team, and notified the ALEA Marine Patrol Division.

The specialized water recovery measures were carried out by the Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue Service-Regional Dive Team.

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