Man jailed for assaulting accomplice over suspicion of infidelity

A 34-year-old man from Senglea was sentenced to a two-year sentence with three suspended sentences after being found guilty in June 2014 of hitting his partner out of jealous anger.

The couple’s six-month-old child was in the same room during the attack.

The court had been told that the man, suspected of being unfaithful to his partner, had repeatedly punched and kicked the woman in the chest and side and classified it as minor injuries. He was also found to have caused €2,500 in damage to her car in the same incident.

The case came to light after the victim lodged a complaint with the Cospicua police station. Inspector Robert Said Sarreo had testified that at around 8pm on 5 June 2014, the woman went to the police station to report that her partner had kicked and hit her and also damaged her car.

The inspector had produced the accused for questioning in October of the same year. After refusing legal counsel, the man had released a statement saying he and his partner sometimes argued over messages the woman would receive on her phone, leading him to believe the woman was dealing with met someone else.

The man had admitted he had struck the woman and damaged her car during the dispute in question, but had insisted some of the damage listed in the report – namely dents on the car’s roof and bumper – were present before the incident and was made not caused by him.

Prosecutors had also issued the man’s criminal record, which showed he had multiple prior convictions for various offences.

The court was told the argument began after the woman came home late from shopping and saw the defendant searching her cell phone and accusing her of being unfaithful to him.

On the witness stand, the defendant said he couldn’t remember anything other than smashing the roof and door of the car.

Judge Nadine Lia found the man guilty of the charges and said the charges were supported by the evidence presented in court. Considering the man had multiple prior convictions for violent crimes spanning from 2007 to 2013.

The court deplored the fact that the crime had been committed by a father against his daughter’s mother, when he should have set a good example. It also found that the man had not shown any remorse for his actions, nor had he apologized to his victim or even paid for the damage he caused to their vehicle.

In addition to the suspended sentence, the man was ordered to pay the victim €2,880 for the damage he caused to her car.

Inspector Daryl Far was charged.

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