Man kills girl on suspicion of infidelity

Nerul police arrested a 35-year-old man on Monday for killing his wife on suspicion of infidelity.

Police said Sandesh Affasaheb Patil hit his wife on the head with a hammer and stabbed her with a knife during a heated argument on Sunday night. Then he surrendered at the Nerul Police Station.

The police said Mr. Patil and Pallavi, 32, had a love marriage 10 years ago. While Pallavi was employed in a private company in Mahape, Mr. Patil worked as a valet at Zomato. During the lockdown, Pallavi sent her daughter Sai (7) to her parents in Satara.

Chief Police Inspector Shyam Shinde said, “The couple often argued about Pallavi not being home or coming home from work late. He suspected her of infidelity. “Mr. Patil would monitor your calls and listen to the recorded calls. Pallavi often complained to her parents and they had tried to meet him and solve the problem, Mr Shinde said.

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