Man stabs girl to demise Suspected of infidelity, arrested

A 51-year-old man stabbed his wife several times in her apartment in Kandivali (E) on Saturday because he suspected he was having an illegal affair. The Kurar police arrested the defendant and registered a murder case against him.

The defendant Mahesh Soni, 51, who lived with his wife Poonam in Kranti Nagar in Kandivali (E), allegedly had a strained relationship with her. The couple often argued, and Mahesh suspected that his wife was having an affair. He is said to have attacked her several times. The couple had recently had an argument their children tried to resolve but which their father threatened for life.

On Saturday between 11 a.m. and 1:40 p.m., when the couple were alone in the house, Mahesh and Poonam had a heated argument. The defendant took a knife and stabbed his wife. Police said Mahesh stabbed Poonam several times in the chest, cheek and neck. The neighbors took her to a hospital, but Poonam was pronounced dead.

Police also said Mahesh has no criminal record.

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