Man suspected of infidelity by spouse kills kids, information movies and dies of suicide

In a terrible incident reported in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu, a man allegedly murdered his two children and also killed his own life by suicide.

Before he died, he recorded a video clip of the children hanging from a tree and sent it to relatives.

The 33-year-old man from Mangalapatti had worked in a restaurant for thirteen years. He was injured in a work accident and was recovering at home for ten days when he began to doubt his wife was talking to another man on the phone.

This became a point of contention between the couple and the man told his wife not to speak to the other person.

On Sunday, he announced to his wife that he was going to a nearby store and took his nine-year-old son and five-year-old daughter with him. He also took his wife’s cell phone with him.

He is then said to have murdered the children and recorded a video clip of them. “You wished that. You wanted to kill us. he said in the video message before turning off the phone.

The woman and her family made a complaint at Sankagiri Police Station in Salem District. The police started a massive search and found the man and the children’s bodies on a mango farm.

Further investigations into the matter are ongoing.

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