Man suspected of infidelity kills his spouse in Morena

Morena (Madhya Pradesh): A man beat his wife to death with a stick after doubting her character. The incident occurred in Kalinde Ka Pura, Banmore, Morena District.

After the crime was committed, the accused husband, Yasin Khan, went to the police station and later admitted to killing his wife.

According to the police, the defendant came and said someone had killed his wife, but the police became suspicious and asked sternly. After that, Yasin confessed to the crime.

Yasin told police that his wife had relationships with other people. He had tried many times to explain this to his wife and they also had an argument between them, but the matter could not be resolved. He killed his wife Shanno, 40, by beating her with a stick during the night.

After that, he sat next to her body all night. The next morning he came to the Banmore Police Station and informed them of the incident.

The responsible Bamor Police Station, Virendra Kushwaha, said the woman’s body had been taken for an autopsy and the police arrested him based on the defendant’s testimony.

However, Shanno’s brother-in-law Navi Ullah Khan claimed that Yasin alone could not kill her. Yasin’s brothers Osman Khan and Valla were also involved. Both fled from home. Shanno Bano couldn’t get along with them because they had suppressed a piece of yasin. People used to argue about it, added Navi.

Yasin has two daughters. The older daughter is 16 years old and the younger one is 9 years old.

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Posted on: Monday December 13, 2021 2:36 PM IST

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