Man suspects unfaithfulness, throws acidic substance on girl’s face | Pune Information

Pune: The Kondhwa police arrested a 39-year-old man in Bopdev Ghat on Saturday morning for throwing an acidic substance in his wife’s face on suspicion of infidelity.
The woman suffered burns to her forehead, the Kondhwa police said.
The injured woman, 37, filed a complaint with the Kondhwa police station later that day. The woman was taken to a hospital and released that evening, police said.
Sub-inspector Chaitali Gapat of the Kondhwa Police told TOI, “The woman works as a housekeeper in a company in Pisoli and Dhamukh works as a painter on construction sites. The couple have two children. ”
“The husband and wife had domestic problems for trivial reasons. Her husband, who suspected infidelity, kept asking her where she worked. However, the woman refused to reveal any information about her job, ”said Gapat.
According to police, Dhamukh took a bottle of acidic substance on Saturday morning, asked his wife to sit on his motorcycle, and took her to Bopdev Ghat. He asked his wife to take off her mask when she reached Bopdev Ghat. As soon as she took off the mask, he threw the liquid on her face.
Gapat said, “We have confiscated the bottle and it is being sent to the forensic laboratory for chemical analysis. The test will determine what type of acid it is. ”
The police registered one case against Dhamukh under Sections 326 A (Voluntary Serious Injury Using Acid, etc.) and 506 (Criminal Intimidation) of the Indian Criminal Code.


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