Manhattan custody lawyer Ryan Besinque explains how a courtroom in New York decides who will get custody of a kid in a divorce

Manhattan custody attorney Ryan Besinque publishes a new article ( that explains how a New York court decides who gets custody of a child. The attorney mentions that it is important for both parents to have an understanding of how the courts will determine custody before beginning a custody proceeding.

“In New York, the standard that the court uses when deciding child custody is the ‘best interests of the child.’ The best interests standard requires the court to consider each parent’s ability to meet the needs of the child or children. The court decides which custody arrangement is in “the best interests of the child” based on a number of factors. It’s rare that one factor alone determines custody,” says the Manhattan custody attorney.

The attorney explains that there are several factors that the course will use to make a custody decision. One of those factors is stability. Priority in custody disputes usually goes to the parent who is first awarded custody, either by court order or through a voluntary agreement between the parents.

Attorney Ryan Besinque adds that another factor being considered is child care arrangements. Often both parents have to work and preference may be given to the parent who has better child care facilities. Who was the primary carer during the marriage is also taken into account.

In the article, the attorney says that if there is evidence of drug and alcohol abuse, the drug abusing parent is less likely to receive custody. Another factor to consider is the parents’ mental health, the parents’ physical health, and any history of abuse in the family.

According to the divorce lawyer: “As a fallback measure and because each case is decided on a case-by-case basis, the court may also consider any other relevant factor that may affect the best interests of the child. Being aware of the court-reviewed criteria will help you present your best self in court and avoid common mistakes that can hurt your chances of winning custody.”

In conclusion, Attorney Besinque emphasizes that it is very important to seek the help of an experienced child custody attorney in matters related to child custody and handling. A competent attorney can assist when it comes to making child support arrangements and help them understand their rights and responsibilities.

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