Manhattan custody legal professional Ryan Besinque explains how a custody case begins

Manhattan Custody Attorney Ryan Besinque publishes a new article ( , which explains how a custody case begins in New York. The attorney mentions that family court is a foreign country with rules and procedures that remain a mystery until the need for an actual visit arises. The process can be more comfortable when the person is familiar with what is about to happen.

“Either you or the child’s other parent/guardian will file an application for custody or visitation with family court in the county where the child has lived for the past six consecutive months. In the petition, the filing party will state the reasons why they believe they should have custody of or visit with the child,” said the Manhattan custody attorney.

The attorney explains that once filed, the motion and subpoena must be served in person on the other party. The party that made the request should appoint a litigation officer to physically deliver the documents to the other party. In other cases, the submitting party may have the other party personally served by a person over the age of 18.

Attorney Ryan Besinque says that after the papers are served, the court date, or date of the return of the case, comes next. At the first court hearing, the plaintiff appears and informs the court whether the other party has been duly served or not. If the other party has been duly served, they are expected to appear on the date of return of proceedings.

In the article, Attorney Besinque says that at the first conference, the attorneys will set out any issues that stand in the way of an agreement. This is done so that the court can better understand the case. These issues range far and wide, from safety concerns about a parent, general lack of community involvement, lack of information about the home’s suitability for visits, or even a claim that the child does not want a parent’s visit.

According to Attorney Besinque, “After the conclusion of the first conference, the court may issue orders relating to the above, as well as temporary orders relating to visitation, telephone contact, location of child exchange, or other logistical arrangements that need to be made. The parties are then responsible for complying with those orders until the next court hearing, usually a settlement conference, several weeks after the first conference.”

In conclusion, Attorney Besinque emphasizes that it is very important to seek the help of an experienced child custody attorney in matters related to child custody and handling. A competent attorney can assist when it comes to making child support arrangements and help them understand their rights and responsibilities.

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