Mann killed Mesquite officer, shot himself after confronting his spouse for infidelity

Mann killed Mesquite officer, shot himself after confronting his wife for infidelity

According to the police incident report, Sgt. Richard Houston had just arrived to investigate the incident when he was repeatedly shot dead by Jamie Jaramillo in the parking lot of an Albertson’s on South Belt Line Road last Friday.

The confrontation of a jealous woman with her deceitful husband and mistress was the disturbance a Mesquite officer responded to when he was murdered.

The mug shot of the capital murder suspect has still not been released as he is in hospital with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The new details about the domestic riot and murder of the Mesquite sergeant outside a grocery store last Friday were described in new police documents, first released on Tuesday.

According to court records, police interviews with the alleged shooter’s daughter and his lover detailed what happened before the officer responded to the call. The gunman’s wife has been accusing him of fraud for months, police said.

Sgt. Richard Houston had just arrived to investigate the incident when he was repeatedly shot dead by Jamie Jaramillo in the parking lot of an Alberton on South Belt Line Road last Friday, according to the police incident report.

Jaramillo’s wife and daughter confronted him and his alleged lover, who called 911. According to police, Jaramillo drew a gun and shot and killed Houston for reasons unknown shortly after the uniformed officer arrived at around 1:40 p.m. on Friday.

“We have no idea why he was killed,” said Mesquite police officer Jolyn Lopez.

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According to the report, Jaramillo then shot himself in the head after shooting Houston. Jaramillo survived but is still seriously injured and hospitalized.

After Jaramillo fell to the floor, his wife, Juventina Vasquez Bences, took his gun and stormed up to the mistress in the car, hitting the window pane with it.

During police interrogations, Jaramillo’s friend said Vazquez Bences struck the driver’s side window with the gun several times and yelled, “Get out of here! I’ll kill you! It’s all your fault! Your son will pay!”

Hence her charge of aggravated assault.

Jaramillo’s girlfriend told investigators that she jumped from Jaramillo’s truck into her own vehicle, but “couldn’t drive away because Vazquez Bences blocked her”.

According to police, Jaramillo’s lover called 911 several times when Vazquez Bences and her daughter “recorded them, yelled at them and closed their car”.

Jaramillo’s daughter was also interviewed and released. She also confirmed to the police that her mother had a gun pointed at her father’s mistress.

The first call to the officers was about the fighting between the two women. Police say Houston had no idea a man might be in the parking lot at the scene – let alone one with a gun.

“It’s just a devastating loss for all of us and we’re trying to get to the bottom of it,” said Lopez.

Three vehicles were taken from the scene by a tow company: a red pickup truck, a white truck, and a small SUV.

Vasquez Bences has $ 100,000 bail on aggravated assault charges and an immigration ban. She remains in jail.

Court records also state that Officer Houston’s body camera and dashcam were still on after he was shot. It also showed the alleged gunman’s wife charging at his lover with a gun, which was in line with testimony.

The memorial service for Officer Houston is scheduled for 12 noon this Thursday at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall.


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Jamie Jaramillo’s photo has not yet been released and he has not been jailed as he is still in the hospital. Jaramillo doesn’t seem to have a criminal record.

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