“Many stayed with it”: Lucila Vit expressed her anger over hypothesis about infidelity with Rafael Olarra

December 12, 2021

There has been a lot of speculation. You invent so many things!“So began the discharge of Lucila Vit in “The divine food“When he talks about his relationship with Rafael Olarra, expressed anger at rumors of his infidelity to be with her.

I can not believe it. What they didn’t make up was that I got into a relationship. It annoys me because they still write to me insidiously to this day“, He introduced his guests on Saturday, where he shared a table with Tomás González, Grimanesa Jiménez and Eduardo Paxeco.

A journalist with the surname Gutiérrez showed up, I don’t know. How ugly, what kind of journalist is he? I later wrote to this girl privately. I say, ‘Why didn’t you go to the direct source?’ Behind it are children, Rafa has children. It’s a touchy subject, you can’t go around talking about personal problems when they are mostly a lie, ”he continued.

It was late 2020 when the entertainment journalist Cecilia Gutierrez reported that Rafael Olarra ended his relationship with Natalia Mandiola while Lucila Vit split from Lucas Passerini after living with him in Mexico

When they finished she returned to Chile and it turned out that she was dating her friend Rafael Olarra’s ex. They even tell me that they got closer before he broke up with Natalia Mandiola. You even saw them together“He said on the occasion.

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Lucila Vit’s dismissal after infidelity speculation

It was there when Lucila Vit used the screens of “The Divine Food” to show her anger and deny what had been said earlier.

If it had been true, done, my mouth fell. We had super nice moments and ruined them so … I know it shouldn’t have affected me, but many stuck with it when there was nothing to do. It still hurts, hurts and hurts. Because I say, ‘What gives you the right to speak about my life and things that are completely wrong?’“He increased.

“A lot of people out there wondered why I didn’t speak at the time. I also heard Rafa say ‘Why do you keep feeding?’ In a way, it had to come out of me one day because I had saved that. I also think it’s good that they know the truth“Lucila Vit is closed.

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