Margaret’s husband is driving Evan Goldschneider’s infidelity rumors

Margaret Joseph’s husband’s real New Jersey housewives fueled rumors of Evan Goldschneider’s infidelity during a boys’ night.

The men of The real New Jersey housewives met for a poker night while the women were away. But Margaret Joseph’s husband, Joe Benigno, decided to add fuel to the fire when the subject of Jackie’s marriage was brought up.

Even though the women were gone, the men decided to play. Bravo fans watched Joe lead Gorga on a night out with the boys after his sister Teresa Giudice played a prank on him. The guest list consisted of Benigno, Frank Catania and Billy Aydin. One husband was particularly missed when Evan RSVPd No to the celebrations. After the first show was down and the men found out that Aydin was a champion at wasabi eating, the boys went to work trying to put the world back on track.

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Dolores Catania’s ex-husband Frank started the rumor heard in Boonton about Jackie and Evan. Teresa had announced that she had heard a story about the father of four cheating on his wife. Even though Frank had eight tequila shots, it didn’t stop him from asking for clarification on the rumor. Joe B. spoke first, saying he hadn’t heard specific details but also heard a rumor that Evan had found a girlfriend, which cemented Teresa’s claim. When the rest of the men asked if he would reveal his sources, Joe B. simply said, “To be completely honest, at any point in the day there are 10 girls in my house and none of them are speaking softly.”

This reveal led many Bravo viewers to believe that if the statement were true, Margaret would also know more than she would admit, especially since she lives in the same town as Jackie. Even Joe G. commented that he wasn’t a detective, but something was wrong. The four men agreed on one thing; Nobody believed Evan had been unfaithful to his wife.

For the remainder of the episode, the women wasted their entire vacation trying to convince Teresa that she was wrong in bringing up the rumors at Goldschneider’s birthday party. But instead of taking responsibility, she exploded at dinner and stormed off. Finally, the rest of the women just rolled their eyes and agreed that Jackie had to let go of the argument so everyone could move on.

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The real New Jersey housewives will air Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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