Maria Fernanda Callejon’s powerful stance on her ex after infidelity: ‘I do not know…’

a few months ago, Maria Fernanda Callejon ended his relationship with Ricky Diottoamid alleged infidelity from her, who is also her daughter’s father Giovanni, 7 years older. In order for the girl to maintain a good relationship, the actress always chose to speak well of her former partner.

However now Street He made it clear that he had certainly closed the door to a possible reconciliation. “Are you on the floor stage?” asked the journalist. Paul Loys, invaders. “No, I’ve already had a duel,” the actress replied.

“Women mourn first. Yes, don’t ask me why, what tantra is. Yes I am very keen on protecting and prioritizing my daughter because who is it that may be more difficult to complete the process. or cost less. But it’s also not an easy path because it’s a different dynamic,” he explained. Maria Fernanda,

When asked if she was willing to give another man a chance, she replied, “I’m open. But I’m serious. I never believed in counting time, fingers. I feel like you gotta let life flow. And things don’t happen with something, but with something.”

The actress used this opportunity to surprise her with a tip about whether she had any special offers Ricky Diotto, “Do you know what’s going on? He always proposed to me in front of me, during, before and when I was in a relationship. I always had shootings! Even married. But I didn’t have anyone. “Not talking,” he clarified. “Is that what you say to your ex?” Lays asked him. “Ah, I don’t know which coat fits, put it on,” he replied.

“I broke up at the end of June. Finished. This has to happen. And here I am,” he expressed, showing or trying to show that he enjoys being alone, though he refused to give details of who he was talking to. Diot about alleged infidelity.

a few days ago on the show Veronica Lozano, Street talked about. “We were great with Ricky when those famous chats and comments came out. These were things of alleged infidelity that he denies to this day. Everything is fine, but when it comes to people, pain and a minor in the middle, I’m a lioness. I feel like there are things that should have limits,” he said.

“I feel like we gave it our all. From today I speak for myself. I am a recently divorced mother, which is no small feat. It’s harder than I thought. I got through this. I choose to start from the best possible place. I don’t feel overwhelmed, but I choose not to drown in pain.” Street,

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