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When there is a fear that a partner is cheating in a relationship, things can quickly fall apart. Trust, which used to be the basis of the relationship, can go behind the scenes while suspicion and resentment builds.

A partner who is having a secret affair will show certain behavioral and emotional changes over time. While the excitement created by the new affair can have a dramatic effect on the sending of sparks, etc., guilt can easily arise and the interaction of these different emotions can cause them to behave in strange ways. Ironically, this sense of guilt can lead them to suddenly become more loving towards you, to free them from the guilt they have and sometimes as a maneuver to divert your suspicions.

At the beginning of the affair, the cheater’s guilt may be very strong, but over time it gradually subsides until the cheater feels practically little or no remorse for his actions and may use other tactics to make sure his partner doesn’t exposes their deeds.

Before concluding whether your spouse is cheating on you, consider whether the noticeable changes in your spouse are not changing due to possible pressures from work, rising bills and mortgages, depression, children, or other problems that could be recent Your spouse’s attitudes contribute.

At this point where your suspicions of having an affair might be high, it is important that you stay calm as the wrong step can ruin your relationship more if your nuances are found to be false red lights.

While there are many signs that your spouse is cheating on you, the following are some very obvious tell-tale signs to look out for in a cheating spouse.

Change in behavior towards you

If your spouse’s behavior towards you changes dramatically most of the time, always criticizing your actions or becoming too formal when communicating with you, this should be a sign to raise suspicion of cheating.

In addition, they can also become more argumentative and constantly argue with you over trivial topics. At times, fraudulent spouses tend to take up fights or cause incidents that they can use as an excuse to leave the house to meet their lovers.

Spend more time away from home

Be careful that your spouse is cheating on you if they spend unusually long hours at work or outside the home. This could also lead to more frequent business trips and business meetings in the evenings.

A change in their daily routine that they cannot explain with a real explanation or with questionable explanations related to anger when trying to ask about lost time may indicate infidelity on your spouse.

Return home. Fresh / strange body odor

If your spouse returns home with a strange cologne or perfume and / or smells like a fresh shower, unless they have a good excuse for the alert, you should come alive with suspicion.

Unusual phone behavior

One of the earliest tell-tale signs that a spouse is cheating on their partner is increased phone activity and the awkward way they take calls in the presence of their spouse. Being out of earshot and speaking in hushed tones are likely signs that your spouse is hiding something.

Increased and Suspicious Online Activity

Is your spouse becoming more and more protective of internet and computer usage? Do you stay long and odd hours at the computer? Does your internet browsing history get deleted frequently? then you have to see it with your partner.

New self-interest / awareness

It’s a classic sign that something is definitely happening to your spouse when suddenly there is an interest in the way he looks, when he starts to take very close care of his or her appearance and make various lifestyle changes. This could be new clothes, new cologne or deodorants, more frequent visits to the gym, new haircut or hairstyle, etc.

Your partner may even take up new hobbies or classes that they have never shown interest in. These can all be geared towards impressing someone else.

Unknown financial expenses and records

In most cases, your spouse may be hiding details of financial information like monthly credit card and bank statements, or even their cell phone contract bills. There may also be increased spending on unbudgeted and unbooked credit card or bank receipts from your spouse.

In the meantime, note that this isn’t foolproof evidence that your spouse may be having an affair. However, if you find more than one of these suspicions occurring frequently, chances are your spouse is cheating on you.

It is very important to find out the truth about a fraudulent spouse in a timely manner, as failure to nip the matter in the bud can doom your relationship as the damage caused may have become irreparable by the time the matter was discovered. Finding out early will also help you protect yourself legally and otherwise.

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