Marriage Therapist describes the three jobs with the very best charges of infidelity

The third and final category of jobs that Dr. Talal Alsaleem points to as a breeding ground for infidelity revolves around climbers up the corporate ladder and those working in high-pressure sales jobs. It’s no secret that some corporate work environments can be cutthroat and demanding, which according to Dr. Alsaleem leads to a “whatever it takes” approach to completing assigned tasks and achieving goals. The constant pressure and irregular hours of corporate workaholics “can take a toll on both the individual and their relationships with their significant others,” the marriage therapist said.

Some corporate and sales jobs require frequent travel and courting clients with expensive dinners and perks, which Dr. Alsaleem can result in “blurring the lines and reducing the risk of detection” for cheating partners. Additionally, toxic corporate environments that involve abuse of power and “quid pro quo” dynamics can make infidelity all the more accessible.

While no job is perfect, there are clearly some that require extra effort when trying to build and maintain a healthy relationship. Clear communication, openness, and prioritizing your partner can make any job in your marriage work.

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