Matt Hancock’s sin is hypocrisy, not infidelity | remark

W.When we woke up yesterday morning it felt like we had been teleported back to the 1980s by a tabloid time machine. A minister is caught in a “steamy clinch”. Two female rivals withstood the harsh public comparison: the foxed mistress and the stubbornly appearing woman, gritted teeth, clutching the car key, because as deep as the humiliation may be, someone has to go to school.

Matt Hancock’s furore reminds us of how long it has been since a mere affair ended a political career. The proof is in No. 10, the number of his offspring is still unclear. The Prime Minister’s many lovers kissed extensively and talked about sofa sex in his parents’ house, abortions, rudeness and lies. But voters did not take this as evidence of bad character. Rather, Johnson’s sexual incontinence is wrapped up in his election call:

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