Mbong Amata denies the disappearance, saying ex-husband stripped me of custody

Mbong Amata, Nollywood actress and ex-beauty queen, has denied claims that she is missing.

Jeta Amata, her ex-husband who happens to be a filmmaker, used to have Alarm triggered about her whereabouts, claiming she had not been in contact with her daughter for a while.

“Can someone please ask why Mbong has been disappearing on social media all year? Nobody seems to know anything and it concerns my daughter, nobody would tell us that, ”Jeta said at the time.

But in a series of videos on Sunday, Mbong cleared the air about what prompted her alleged disappearance.

The movie star also claimed that Jeta refused to give her daughter full-time access and led her to adopt part-time mother status – a situation she would not accept.

“I’m perfectly fine, I don’t know why Jeta is looking for me. Why are you looking for me? “Asked Mbong.

“I told him that if he doesn’t give me full access to my daughter, I don’t want to be there. My ex-husband scolds me about my whereabouts like he doesn’t know what happened.

“He fought me to a standstill. I’m not the type to put my dirty things on social media. It is quite unfortunate that we are here. “

Mbong was married to Jeta for five years before their marriage fell apart in 2013. She has appeared in films such as “Black November”, “Forgetting June” and “Inale”. In 2003 she won the title “Most Beautiful Girl” (Akwa Ibom) and in 2004 she was runner-up in Miss Nigeria.

Growing up in the industry, Jeta produced and directed his first film at the age of 21. His work first went global when he produced a documentary for the BBC in 2003, using his film “Game of Life” as footage.

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