MC Kats in custody battle with mother-in-law (VIDEO)

In a video that’s been circulating, MC Kats is seen in what is said to be a heated argument with his mother-in-law over custody of his child.

All is not well in the life of NBS After 5 host Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats. He seems to have been going through a silent family struggle for some time.

According to new reports, the acclaimed compere is at odds with his mother-in-law over her denial of custody of one of his children.

A video shared on Uganda Byogere’s YouTube channel shows the CEO of Kats Music having a heated exchange with an unidentified woman believed to be Fille’s mother.

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“Give me my child. It’s not your child. I used to fear and respect you, but not anymore. Give me my child and you’ll see if I ever cross your path again. You haven’t helped me at all in the last twelve years. I hate you give me my child,” the acclaimed presenter appears to be saying in part of the video.

At one point, Kats gets on his knees and vows to drag her to court if she doesn’t give him custody of his child.

“I’m even on my knees asking about my child, but if I dare leave this ground, I’ll let the law take its course,” he says loudly.

Not even his threats seem to deter the embittered lady, who begs him to take her to court over the matter.

“I never asked you to take care of my child. I never have and I never will. You don’t raise children well. You even neglected to raise your own, so you can’t raise my child,” Kats further notes in the argument, which continues.

He also reveals that he was the owner of the land she is staying on, so she should be very careful how she deals with him.

“That was my country … you keep saying I spoiled your child, but you wouldn’t have this country if she didn’t sing?”

Take a look below:

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