McAllen ranks in high 10 most “loyal” cities, infidelity examine reveals

MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) – A recent dating site report lists McAllen among the top 10 most loyal cities in the United States.

A dating site report by UK-based dating site MyDatingAdviser ranked McAllen the ninth most loyal city in the country.

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The only other Rio Grande Valley study mentioned in the study was Brownsville, which was ranked the 40th most loyal city.

The report used data from the US Census Bureau, as well as breakup rates, relationship satisfaction, cheating intent, and available “affair activity” to create an index of infidelity, the site said.

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The report also lists the most unfaithful cities in the country, with three Texas cities topping the list. According to their ranking, Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston were the three most unfaithful cities in the country.

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