Men of working age – there are more than 40,000 alimony refusers in Latvia

In Latvia, there are more than 40,000 men who evade maintenance payments, as Deputy State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance Olga Bogdanova told the LTV program Rīta panorāma.

She emphasized that these were men of working age. It is also clear that they are unlikely to work or make ends meet on minimum wage.

“This means that this group of people is actively looking for opportunities to receive maximum wages,” Bogdanova emphasized.

In order to combat the shadow economy, it is also necessary to examine the reasons why people choose to become part of the shadow economy, emphasized Bogdanova.

LETA previously reported that bailiffs recovered 11.54 million euros for the maintenance guarantee fund in 2023.

Compared to previous years, the number of cases referred for enforcement and the volume of compulsory payments increased in Latvia last year. Compared to previous years, the number of cases referred for enforcement fell last year, as did the volume of foreclosures. In total, the bailiffs managed to recover 275.95 million euros in the interests of the state and other parties.

In 2023, the number of cases referred to bailiffs for enforcement decreased by 9% – a total of 161,234 documents were submitted for enforcement. The largest case category was civil cases with 78,622 cases, just behind the 76,392 cases of administrative offenses. Decisions on asset confiscation in criminal proceedings accounted for only 4% of the total volume of enforcement cases.

The volume of funds recovered through enforcement decreased in all case categories. The largest decline was in civil cases. It is true that the number of judgments filed for enforcement in civil cases increased in 2023 compared to 2022 and 2021. However, at the same time the average amount of debt per case has fallen significantly.

In 2022, the average amount of debt in the enforcement documents submitted for the prosecution of civil cases was around 6,285 euros (previous year 3,923 euros).

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