Metropolis lawyer sued lady, complained of infidelity

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A Ruiru court has ordered a woman to reveal the whereabouts of a four year old child at the center of a custody battle between her and a lawyer. On Monday, lead judge Jacqueline Agonda issued the interim orders pending the hearing and decision of custody between attorney CM and his wife LN.

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Court documents indicate that the couple has been living together since March 2016. Agonda also prevented LN from moving the child from her current school. “The Defendant (LN) is prohibited from enrolling her daughter in any school other than the one she is enrolled in until the custody case is resolved,” said Agonda.

She ordered CM to file and serve his lawsuit with LN and had the case mentioned on January 19. The attorney seeking custody wants LN and her parents JM and JN to deliver the child to him. Since then, he has reported his daughter’s disappearance to the Criminal Investigation Directorate of the Child Protection Department.

He wants the court to issue an injunction compelling his wife to return the child born on June 26, 2016. “The plaintiff (attorney CM) wants an injunction that will prevent the defendant from ever taking the child out of custody without his or her custody authority,” the lawsuit reads.

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He also wants the court to prevent the woman from removing the child from the boundaries of jurisdiction and the jurisdiction of the Kenyan borders without his consent. CM claims his wife worked with her parents on August 14, 2020 and kidnapped their daughter. “The defendant kidnapped the child from her home to an unknown location in a calculated step staged by her and her parents,” the court documents say.

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