Michael Darby is not paying child support to his ex-wife Ashley

reality TV and The real housewives of the Potomac Star Ashley Darby has hinted she won’t be receiving any alimony from her estranged husband Michael Darby during their ongoing divorce. On April 19, 2022, Ashley confirmed her split from Michael after eight years of marriage and ahead of the RHOP season 7 premiere. Ashley and Michael share two children: Dean, whom they welcomed in July 2019, and Dylan, born in March 2021. Although Ashley and Michael stayed together, the marriage was riddled with several controversies and challenges, which they initially put up with until they decided it was time to let each other go.


Ever since The Real Housewives of Potomac’s Ashley and Michael announced their split last year, they’ve been making headlines amid their ongoing divorce. The estranged couple are back in the news after Bravo released RHOP Season 7’s reunion trailer, which revealed details of their marriage contract. In the trailer, Bravo boss and host Andy Cohen asked Ashley about the status of her and Michael’s prenuptial agreement, which seemingly left her on dry land.

In response, Ashley admitted that things hadn’t really worked out in her favor. Her revelation surprised her colleagues, who tried to understand what she meant. Gizelle Bryant asked her, “You can’t get child support?” while dr Wendy Osefo wondered why she would sign such a prenup.

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RHOP fans react to Ashley’s alimony reveal

Ashley Darby looks upset about the RHOP reunion

Many RHOP fans reacted to Ashley’s admission in the trailer. One of them said they aren’t surprised she can’t get child support from Michael because she didn’t really think through her exit strategy while Michael is a businessman. Another RHOP fan commented on the matter on Twitter. The fan, Lynn Kioko, said Ashley fumbled slightly, adding: “Leaving a marriage with no bread and a house of my own. Didn’t she renegotiate the marriage terms? She should have bought an affordable house instead of taking out an expensive mortgage on her ex.” Another Twitter user, Monique, concluded that Ashley, who isn’t getting much out of her prenup, is using her karma for her messy ways in the past RHOP seasons is.

Ashley’s admission about her marriage contract is shocking, and it’s easy to see why her co-stars and commentators were shocked. While it’s hard to believe that she won’t be receiving child support from her estranged husband, people shouldn’t just judge or criticize her for allowing this to happen as only she knows where the shoe pinches. Also, the trailer didn’t give much away, so no one really knows the full details or context of Ashley’s admission. Additionally, it’s probably wrong for fans to say that Ashley not receiving child support is karma for her past transgressions as they are unrelated issues.

When Ashley ends up not getting an alimony from Michael, she has to find a way to move past the disappointment and start over. Since breaking up with Michael, Ashley has had a hard time finding a new relationship. She briefly dated Summer House star Luke Gulbranson, but the relationship ended due to her situation with Michael. If Ashley needs to move on, she needs to make sure any ongoing issues with Michael are resolved, and the prenuptial agreement is one such thing. Hopefully, The real housewives of the Potomac Star will come out of her current predicament in a better place.

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