Might Lizbeth Rodríguez undergo from infidelity? begins video

Could Lizbeth Rodríguez suffer from infidelity? starts video | Instagram

The driver, actress and youtuber Lizbeth Rodríguez surprised a large part of her fans with a new release in which it seems that the possibility exists that her current partner Esteban Villagomez be unfaithful.

It was by means of a Video However, it is possible that the former moderator of Exposing Infidels of the Badabun company entertained her fans on her Tiktok account in order to entertain them, that some Internet users took this as a hint.

One day ago Lizbeth Rodriguez A celebrity from social networks also shared this video. In it he dances and drinks an energizing drink that he constantly promotes.

The melody that can be heard in the background in the video is “I’d rather be your lover (live) “by Belinda and María José, while she is dancing like she is at a party, some written words appear on the same screen:

When you go to karaoke with your friend’s friends … and your friend’s “friend” can’t stop watching you sing this song. “”

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The melody is about a woman telling someone to the face that she is her partner’s lover, with whom many people would no doubt feel identified, whether they are on one side or the other.

Lizbeth Rodríguez is always very creative with the content she shares. While this is just a video, surely more than one of her followers will make you think a lot about the matter.

Of course, in the months we saw Liz and Esteban’s relationship, they were just lovely moments. In some videos, they have been sincere and confirmed that at certain times they had their differences but still got along well.

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The presenter and actress wears a somewhat short red dress. So far, the video has had more than 16,000 views and 399 comments. Many of them tell her that she looks so beautiful not only because of her outfit but also because of her attitude people would love to have.

It seems that Lizbeth Rodríguez is happy all the time and this is really adorable because she is looking for the positive side of things.

To date, the actress has 7 million 800,000 followers on her Instagram account, a number that continues to grow as the days go by.


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