Mike Caussin’s infidelity was unhealthy sufficient that I had no selection however to break up


The country singer sets out to discover her estranged husband’s affair and hopes he’ll get “the help he wants and needs” after she files for divorce.

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Jana Kramer “Had no choice” but to divorce her husband Mike Caussin.

The country singer announced her split from athlete Mike in April (21) after the couple failed attempts to make their marriage work after infidelity and sex addiction.

Jana named his adultery as the main reason for their separation in her divorce petition, telling the US TV show “extra“that she had no choice but to call marriage time.

At the host Billy Bush When asked if she found out about Mike’s infidelity through direct messages and text messages, Jana replied, “That and more … Let’s just say it was bad enough that I had no choice.”

She added of her estranged spouse, “I think he is at peace. He knew if this one thing happened I would be gone. He made his bed. I wish he had thought about the family and all the work, that we did. I hope he gets the help he wants and needs. ”

Jana and Mike have two children together, and while their five-year-old daughter Jolie took the separation on board, it took two-year-old son Jace longer to accept the situation.

“Jolie knows and she tells everyone what breaks my heart,” she sighed. “She says, ‘Dad and mom have different houses …’ Jace, the first month … They always had both of us, we’re both essentially parents staying at home, so I think that’s really hard was for him. I think now that we have a good parenting schedule they’ll be fine. ”

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