Milly Chebby says she nearly cheated on Terence Artistic after the infidelity saga

  • Milly Chebby revealed that she almost cheated on her husband when he had an affair while she was still in a relationship with her
  • The two did a question-and-answer session on their YouTube channel saying the only thing stopping them was when he came back
  • Milly also emphasized that women love hard and most of them only get on with one partner at a time

Content creator Milly Chebby has revealed that she almost cheated on her husband, Terence Creative, when he was having an affair with someone else in a relationship with her.

Milly Chebby and her husband Terence Creative. Photo: @Millychebby.
Source: Instagram

Milly talks about cheating on her husband

The two YouTubers conducted a question-and-answer session on Chebby’s YouTube channel in which they answered each other’s questions.

“What is the closest thing to deceive me?” asked Terence.

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Milly then laughed and replied:

“When you cheated. You came back when I tried to cheat.”

The content creator shared that she was thinking of cheating when her husband left her but what kept her from doing it was for him to come back to her.

Terence then asked who the man was and asked her to describe him, but the mother of one laughed and ignored the question.

However, she said that women love with everything. Therefore, they cannot cheat with multiple partners and only deal with one man at a time.

Terence thanks Milly for the support

During an interview with Jalang’o, Terence and his wife Chebby spoke openly about their relationship, and he joked about endless forgiveness in marriage.

However, he thanked his celebrity wife for her support and forgiveness, and also mentioned two occasions where he gambled away KSh 1.2 million and KSh 650,000.

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Chebby celebrated her husband Terence when he got a year older. Chebby couldn’t hide her joy and spoiled her significant other with love.

The celebrity celebrated her husband Terence when he got a year older and she pampered her significant other with love.

“To a man I love and honor, when you celebrate your birthday today, I am proud to say @terencecreative that you have developed from a man to a man of honor. I am so proud of who and what you have become babe, I’ve seen your growth from your casino days, the days you smoked non-stop, to the days you didn’t return home for weeks, I can say so much about you and like God you and Turned you into a house name while you a May he be a year older today who started a good work in you can do @millanetai and love you so much. We celebrate you my dear friend and partner “, she wrote.

Source: Tuko Breaking News

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