Miranda Conner has been missing from Denver Police since February 3

FEDERAL HEIGHTS, CO – FEBRUARY 25: Justin Copeland praises his tracker dog Thor before going back to work sniffing the area. Missing person Miranda Conner was last seen on Friday February 25, 2023 in Federal Heights, Colorado. (Eli Imadali/Special for the Denver Post)

Family, friends and supporters of a missing Denver woman gathered Saturday at an apartment complex where she was last seen, exploring the area, passing out flyers and hoping for a lead on her whereabouts.

Miranda Conner, 30, was last seen on February 3 at an apartment complex on the northwest corner of West 85th Avenue and Pecos Street, according to Denver police.

About 40 people showed up at 10am on Saturday, split into groups and worked their way through the complex and beyond.

Conner’s mother, Tabitha Spann, traveled from Mesa, Arizona, where she lives, to participate in the effort, which was coordinated as a “search and rescue.”

“We are looking for you. We’re looking for signs of her,” Spann said. “She was last seen here.”

Conner’s cell phone was found discarded on the grounds of the apartment complex, Spann said. It was returned to Conner’s roommate, who turned the phone over to police investigators.

Police announced this month that Conner was last seen in the Green Valley Ranch area where she lives, but that was revised during the investigation.

FEDERAL HEIGHTS, CO – FEBRUARY 25: A flyer for missing person Miranda Conner, who was last seen in the area, is posted on a light pole at an apartment complex in Federal Heights, Colorado on Friday, February 25, 2023. (Eli Imadali/Special for the Denver Post)

Tracy Thomas, a friend of Spann, presented a flyer to a woman who left her apartment and walked to her car. When Thomas explained the situation, the woman said, “Oh, that’s scary.” Flyers were also left at a nearby store, and some of the people advertising in the neighborhood pasted flyers to sign posts. A man from the group of supporters wiped back tears after seeing the missing persons flyer, which includes a photo of Conner.

Conner, who doesn’t have a car, had driven to Federal Heights “to meet someone,” Spann said. “Someone picked her up at her home (at Green Valley Ranch) and brought her here.”

Conner is a single mother of two, an 11-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl who stays at home. The children are safe with their grandfather in Mesa. Conner has struggled with drug addiction; She was also arrested for prostitution, Spann said.

“I’ll stay strong for the kids,” said a determined Spann.

On Saturday, several dogs, including two bloodhounds, sniffed Conner’s clothing, which was brought to the scene in a sack. All the dogs made their way north to a frozen small lake next to the apartments. Most of the dogs circled the lake; A bloodhound continued north to a nearby apartment complex and then returned.

A dog alerted to a discarded piece of purple clothing, Conner was last seen wearing purple. A dog has latched onto a certain unit of the complex and a dumpster there. The information and possible evidence were forwarded to the police.

Denver and Federal Heights police continue to investigate Conner’s disappearance. A $2,000 reward is being offered by Metro Denver Crime Stoppers for information leading to her whereabouts. The Dock Ellis Foundation, a nonprofit that assists in the search for missing, murdered and marginalized minority people, and Justice Takes Flight, a nonprofit that provides volunteers to assist with flyers, support and resources, were part of the effort on Saturday.

“I have a feeling that maybe she’s not alive anymore,” Spann said. “But we must do something. I will not give up.”

Anyone with information on Conner’s whereabouts is asked to call 720-913-7867.

FEDERAL HEIGHTS, CO – FEBRUARY 25: Missing person Miranda Conner’s sandal sits on the sidewalk while being tracked by Justin Copeland’s tracker dog Thor in the area where Conner was last seen on Friday February 25, 2023 in Federal Heights , used for their scent, Colorado. (Eli Imadali/Special for the Denver Post)

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