Misplaced hiker ignores “unknown” cellphone calls from the search and rescue crew

from: Jeremy Tanner, Nexstar media cable

Posted: Oct 25, 2021 / 8:16 PM EDT
Updated: 10/25/2021 / 8:16 PM EDT

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(NEXSTAR) – How bad have spam cell phone calls got? A lost hiker accidentally ignored help because the calls came from an unknown number, search and rescue officials said.

The nameless hiker started hiking on Mount Elbert, Colorado at 9 a.m. on October 18, but hadn’t returned at 8 p.m. that evening, according to Lake County Search and Rescue (LCSAR), which was told the person was told was missed.

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Mount Elbert is the highest mountain in the state of Colorado at 14,400 feet.

“Several attempts to contact the person on their cell phone were unsuccessful,” said the LCSAR in a press release, and five team members set out around 10 p.m. to find the missing person in the dark.

After hours of unsuccessful combing the Rocky Mountain site, the search team returned at 3 a.m. the next morning.

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LCSAR officials said a team of three searchers returned at 7 a.m. on October 19 to check an area where hikers often get lost, but learned around 9:30 a.m. that the hiker managed to return on his own.

“The person said they lost the trail at dusk and spent the night looking for the trail after they started their hike,” LCASR officials said in the press release. “Little did they know SAR was looking for them.”

The search and rescue team asked people not to judge the hiker’s decision to ignore the calls, adding that, in hindsight, common sense is often not obvious to someone who is alone, lost and panicked .

They had the following message for Mount Elbert visitors: “If you are overdue according to your itinerary and receive repeated calls from an unknown number, please answer the phone. it could be a SAR team trying to confirm that you are safe! “


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