Missing 15 year old Sireena BELANGER-MOISE – Regina Police Service

Regina Police Department is asking for the public’s help in locating a missing 15-year-old boy. Sireena BELANGER-MOISE was last seen on April 19, 2023 at around 5:30pm at Block 2700 of Gordon Road.

Sireena BELANGER-MOISE is described as female, around 1.75 meters tall, around 50 kilograms in weight and slim. She has light green hair and brown eyes. She has piercings on the inside of her upper lip and two piercings on her lower lip. She was last spotted in a gray hoodie, gray sweatpants and white shoes. A photo of Sireena BELANGER-MOISE is attached.

The police have no reason to believe that BELANGER-MOISE has been harmed, but she is at risk due to her age and the police want to ensure her safety.

Anyone with information that may help the police locate BELANGER-MOISE is asked to contact the Regina Police Service at 306-777-6500 or Regina Crime Stoppers at https://www.reginacrimestoppers.ca/ or 1 -800-222-TIPS ( 8477).

The Regina Police Service thanks the public and media for their attention to this matter.

* It is important to note that a public request for information is not the first step in all missing persons cases; If the police can investigate and locate the missing person while maintaining their privacy, that is the preferred outcome. In some cases, the extra step of informing the public and the media and asking for their help is required. This can happen very quickly in an investigation, or it can be a step taken later when all other investigative avenues have been exhausted*

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