Missing Genoa man last seen 1 week ago – NBC Chicago

Relatives are asking for help locating a missing DeKalb County man who has not been seen in nearly a week.

Dan Elkinton, 41, of Genoa, was last seen on Friday February 24 shopping for spirits after work. Elkinton apparently stopped for a drink at his home and then later that night told a colleague he left his wallet in his work truck.

Then darkness.

Andi Thomas, Elkinton’s sister, said he had plans with other family members on Saturday but did not show up.

“His phone was here, his jacket was here,” Thomas said. “The car was there. He didn’t leave any food for the cat, and that’s really unusual when he was going somewhere.”

Deliberately leaving Swerve, his cat and best friend, for days would never happen, his family insists.

“He never showed up for work,” Andi told NBC 5. “He would never leave his cat. He texts my mom every day.”

Dan is always the life of the party, but also the family peacemaker. He had just been reunited with several family members and was so excited about it.

Dan’s mother and sister say they tried to unlock Dan’s phone data to no avail. They say the phone company won’t budge.

“We can’t access his phone, so it’s frustrating to find out who he’s texted or called,” said his mother, Sherri Elkinton.

In addition to the phone problem, the family say Dan Elkinton’s bank won’t notify them of any activity on his account – even with an official missing person’s report.

“It’s miserable,” said Andi. “We worry about him and there are no answers.”

Dan, his mother and sister were planning a trip to Mexico and an Alaskan cruise in late July.

Genoa’s police chief told NBC 5 that bloodhounds were used in the search for Elkinton and the dogs took a particular interest in the nearby forests and rivers.

“On Tuesday the 28th we had a fairly organized search with the local fire department, the Salvation Army, the Illinois Conservation, the sheriff’s office,” Genoa Police Chief Robert Smith said. “Fifty people, volunteers, who were searching.

Police say they have received numerous leads and are investigating all of them. After the bad weather passed on Friday and the water level dropped, the police plan to continue the search.

Anyone with information regarding Dan Elkinton’s disappearance is asked to call 815-784-2526.

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