Monetary Infidelity – Market

When is the right time to talk to a partner about how much debt you have? A year in? When do you get engaged? What about never?

For Jordan Rosenfeld, it was less than a month before their wedding. She wasn’t sure how much credit card debt she owed – but she knew it was a lot. And her fiancé had no idea.

“I can still feel the shame now when I talk about it, to be honest, it makes me want to cry a little.” She said. “At that moment, I honestly felt like I was risking our potential marriage.”

People come into relationships with different expectations and habits about money, and sometimes it’s easier just not to talk about it. A poll a few years ago found that more than 40% of Americans hid a financial decision from their partners. It’s called financial infidelity, and even if it doesn’t always cost a lot of money, the emotional impact can be huge.

This week we’re going to hear from Rosenfeld how she got over her own financial infidelity, which she previously wrote about for The Billfold, and why she’s still hanging over her 20 years later. We will also hear from some of you about the financial secrets in your own relationships.

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